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Way get pregnant by knowing ovulation time.
Pregnant, every women very very exicting to get pregnant, somehow not at all can pregnant with easily way. Now you can read with carefully to know what a good time to get pregnant.
Ovulation start every two weeks before you got  menstruation. It is same condition for all women, except is women health condition. For simulate you can see the picture below.
period cycle

If your menstruation periodically you can set to make love more in two weeks before menstruation,
And I want to share amazing tips too, like how to get boy or girl baby? It not  about joke, is all about skill and technique to plan to get your baby.
Before you learn about the technique, you can read my referral slide,
See power point by Dr. Francisco Brizuela  about human regulation and reproduction chapter 15.
Download power point here!!
Ok! back to pregnant, I prefer don’t to try making love when you were menstruation, it very bad move.  If you have struggle to get baby then you never got, try to discuss your doctor, maybe is any trouble on your hormone or your body is not ready to get pregnant b’coz your body is too tired or weak. So don’t forget to eat nutrition and vitamin, do some body exercise ( like treadmill maybe, or just walking on your town).
A way to get pregnant easier is cloning, I was wrote article about cloning, but it still in indonesian language. Exactly I’m not good speak or writing article on English. But you can read about cloning helping by google translate. J
So I repeat again, want to get pregnant just try my tip,
Making love by two weeks before you get menstruation.
See ya!

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Pregnancy will start by complete ovulation then meet the ovum and sperm at falopy tube(rallopian tube). When ovum and sperm melt / sperm fertilize ovum (we can call it  embryo) and the process name is fertilization.
Embryo  goes down from falopy tube to the womb. Before it happen, womb  was ready to accept the embryo, uterus or wall of womb ready  to get receive  embryo by making self  like soft pillow, if ovum not fertilze by sperm,wall of womb will be melt it calling menstruation.
Now you will ask :
What is ovulation ?  read >>> what is ovulation
What is fertilization ? read  >>> what is fertilization
How do you know that you’re ovulating ?  read  >>> sign ovulating
What sign of pregnancy ?  read  >>> sign of pregnancy
Watch the video ovulation process until pregnancy

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